The simplest and safest method of identifying the filter that you require is by cross-referencing original equipment manufacturers part number. Many of the OEM’s have their filters manufactured by leading filtration companies who also supply to us in the aftermarket and so you get a like for like filtration solution. Donaldson, Fleetguard and Mann are world leaders in filtration technology and work closely with today’s leading on an off-highway machine manufacturers, such as JCB and Caterpillar. They are also among the wide selection of brands that we offer at Sterling Filtration. With an OEM part number, we can quickly and easily offer to you the aftermarket part which is often much more competitively priced and regularly an off the shelf item.

Where a part number is not available or has worn off the filter over time we can identify filters by examining a used sample. Pictures with key dimensions are useful (but cannot always tell us media type, is there a bypass valve, seal arrangement etc) but if you can drop into our trade counter, one our highly trained members of staff can investigate your items thoroughly and offer the best alternative filter solution to meet your needs.

We also offer bespoke filter solutions. Where a non-standard item is required we sometimes have to send the sample away for examination, items such as panel filters are an example of that. In cases where items are unusual there can be a two or three-day lead time before quoting as the items are shipped to one of many bespoke filtration specialists in the UK or Europe. We can also arrange for non-standard filters to be rebuilt with new filter media.