Diesel is the most commonly used fuel in heavy-duty applications and requires filtering to ensure that any contaminants have been removed before they can cause stoppages, or serious damage resulting in complete failure, to the diesel system components.

In-line fuel elements can stop the larger, damaging contaminants such as rust and sediment from the fuel tank entering the fuel system. Diesel filters are important as they have to protect the fuel pump and injectors not only from abrasive particles but also from minute droplets of water often found in diesel fuel.

Injectors and diesel pumps are precision machined components and are very costly to repair or replace. It is much more cost effective to change the filters at their regular service intervals rather than have to pay the cost of even one breakdown repair bill.

Sterling Filtration Ltd stocks a wide range of diesel fuel filter canisters and elements for all types of application, as well as water separating filters and fuel additives, that will keep your fuel clean and your engine running. We also offer bulk fuel filtration solutions.