Clean oil is necessary to avoid wear and tear on moving engine parts and to avoid damage to a hydraulic system. Maintaining your filters is a vital part of keeping hydraulic equipment working efficiently. At Sterling Filtration we offer filtration solutions that cover all engine and hydraulic circuit needs, including:

Suction strainers: Suction filters play a vital role in removing some of the larger contaminants from your hydraulic oil preventing them from blocking or damaging the pump. They also extend the life of your filters further round the circuit as a result.

High-Pressure housings and elements: High-pressure filter housings allow fine filtering of your hydraulic oil under normal working pressure removing all contaminants at 25, 10 and 5 microns absolute (based on type of housing and element being used).

Return pressure housings and elements: Return line hydraulic housings clean the oil after it has passed through the working hydraulic circuit making sure any particles produced during use are removed before the oil returns to the hydraulic tank.

We also source and supply various components such as tank level gauges, service indicators, tank breathers, fillers and portable filtration units.