Bag and Sock filters are generally used in industrial applications for dust removal. The flow can be outside-in or inside-out depending on the application. Particles are then trapped on the surface area of the bag filter. Sterling Filtration can offer a range of standard and bespoke filter bags and socks. They are available in short run quantities. Multi-pocket panels and bags are also available.

Bag filters are widely used in government buildings, hospitals and other sensitive areas. They are also suitable for air condition to offices, theatres, computer rooms and spray booths. They are manufactured from 100% polypropolene synthetic media and often are mounted on a steel header frame. The media is triple filtration layered, available in any size, is totally non-toxic and non-irritant and is very inexpensive. The number of pockets per standard panel ranges from 3 to 8 and bespoke options are available on request.

Bag Filter