Transmission Filters

The automatic transmission is a mechanical wonder in its design and function, in essence a self lubricating hydraulic pump. The fluid follows a pre-determined path under hydraulic pressure, creating what is called a “fluid coupling” or link between the engine and transmission, propelling the car forward. In order for all this to happen, the fluid must be clean and flow freely.

The transmission filter plays a major role in keeping the fluid clean of debris such as dirt, sludge, and clutch material. If the filter gets clogged, the flow of fluid is inhibited, the pressure lowers, the fluid breaks down, and friction and heat build up. This debilitating process affects the performance of the transmission or worse the transmission can fail, which can be exceptionally costly.

transmission filters


Manufacturers of engines recommend that you use a fully formulated coolant in your engine. These formulas contain the appropriate amounts of glycol, de-ionising water and coolant additives for optimum performance. To maintain your fluid in it’s optimum state it also requires filtering to remove any particles that could damage the workings of the cooling system. At Sterling Filtration we offer a range of spin on coolant filters for many different applications.