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Worried About Water in Your Air Intake System?

The Filter Guys

Worried About Water in Your Air Intake System?

Sometimes you can’t help operating equipment in extreme moisture environments especially during the spring when the weather is unpredictable, but it’s good to be mindful of a few things to help keep your air intake system running at top efficiency.

Typical Symptoms of Water Ingestion:

  • High Restriction indications.
  • Mud caked in the VacValve
  • Wet, wavy air filter media
  • System rust, corrosion and/or water damage
  • Moisture-related environmental problems such as icing

Simple Tips to Keep Water Out of Your System:

  • Check and clear the VacValve daily
  • Make sure the air cleaner cover and filter are installed properly
  • Inspect air intake system for any leaks

Remember, a water-soaked air filter will occasionally lock-up a restriction indicator. Wet filters should always be replaced as they are prone to tear at weak, wet spots on the media. This would then allow the air flow to bypass the filter allowing dirt and debris into your air intake.

A restriction indicators ‘lock-up” restriction level is generally marked on the indicator itself. To check an indicator, remove it, wipe the base clean, then apply a small amount of vacuum. If the indicator locks up, it should still be okay to reuse this way. If not be sure to replace the indicator.

Donaldson Air cleaner assemblies and accessories are available to buy from Sterling Filtration Ltd.

Donaldson Filtration

Duralite Air Cleaners

The Filter Guys

ECB, ECC Duralite Air Cleaners. 

The Duralite Air Cleaners are disposable, one-stage, dry air cleaners. They are used on light-duty applications like air compressors, pumps, material handling equipment, propulsion units, breathers, welders, generator sets, lawn vehicles, recreation vehicles and many more. Ideal for high pulsating small engines. They are tough, non-metallic, lightweight, self supporting and completely disposable. They are easy to install, durable, and reliable. They are designed to function well under high and severe pulsation conditions found in many applications, especially two and three cylinder engines. Vibration-resistant media is potted into molded housings of rugged ABS plastic so they don’t fall apart as other designs might.

B085001 ECB 6.2 – 12.0 216 279 76
B085048 ECB 6.2 – 12.0 216 279 76
B085011 ECB 7.4 – 14.0 216 279 102
B085046 ECB 7.4 – 14.0 216 279 102
B085056 ECB 27.0 – 49.0 196 260 152
B100094 ECB 15.0 – 27.0 267 228 102
B105002 ECB 16.0 – 30.0 267 381 127
B105006 ECB 13.0 – 25.0 267 267 102
B105012 ECB 18.0 – 36.0 267 381 127
B120367 ECB 30.0 – 90.0 318 400 198
B125003 ECB 16.0 – 31.0 318 381 153
B125005 ECB 25.0 – 42.0 318 229 140
B125011 ECB 22.0 – 39.0 318 228 127
C045001 ECC 1.4 – 2.7 114 114 38
C045002 ECC 1.8 – 3.4 114 203 38
C055002 ECC 1.9 – 3.6 140 178 45
C055003 ECC 1.5 – 2.9 140 102 45
C055008 ECC 2.0 – 3.9 140 242 45
C065001 ECC 1.7 – 3.2 165 102 51
C065002 ECC 2.6 – 4.9 165 190 51
C065003 ECC 2.5 – 4.8 165 127 57
C065004 ECC 3.3 – 6.2 165 229 57
C065015 ECC 3.0 – 5.6 165 229 51
C065003 ECC 2.5 – 4.8 165 127 57
C065004 ECC 3.3 – 6.2 165 229 57
C085001 ECC 2.7 – 5.1 216 102 64
C085002 ECC 3.4 – 6.3 216 165 64
C085003 ECC 3.6 – 6.7 216 127 76
C085004 ECC 5.0 – 9.6 216 241 76
C105003 ECC 8.7 – 17.0 267 152 102
C105004 ECC 10.5 – 20.0 267 267 102
C125003 ECC 10.0 – 19.0 317 152 127
C125004 ECC 14.0 – 26.5 317 279 127

Don’t Throw Away a Good Filter Just Because it Might Look Dirty.

The Filter Guys

Don’t Throw Away a Good Filter Just Because it Might Look Dirty.

Although this air filter may look “dirty” – It can go plenty more miles. Installation of a restriction indicator can save you money and time.Why Service By Restriction?

Proper air cleaner servicing will result in maximum engine protection against the ravages of dust. Proper servicing can also save you time and money by increasing filter life and dust cleaning efficiency. By using proper filter restriction measurement tools you will use the full life of the filter at maximum efficiency. Don’t be fooled by filter appearance: it should look dirty.

The only way to determine when a filter is plugged or plugging is to measure the restriction on the system with the engine working at max airflow.

Two of the most common air cleaner servicing problems are:

1. Over-servicing: the least efficient time in the life of the filter is when it is new. Filter elements increase in efficiency as dust builds up on the media.

2. Improper servicing: your engine is highly vulnerable to abrasive dust contaminants during the servicing process when the filter is removed from the housing. A leading cause of engine damage is due to careless servicing procedures.

Air filters: What is the purpose of a safety filter?

The Filter Guys

What is the purpose of a safety filter? Safety filter, secondary filter, inner filter; there are many names, we prefer to call it a safety filter.

A safety filter backs up the primary filter, and protects the clean air ducting while the primary is out of the housing during service. The engine should never be run with only a safety filter in place.

The safety filter is NOT a spare filter! Its purpose is to protect the engine if something goes wrong with the primary (main) filter. Until then, all it does is take up space and add a little bit of restriction.

What can go wrong with the primary filter?

It may have hidden damage from shipping that you missed when you inspected it before installation; damage from cleaning (if you carry out such an unrecommended procedure); maybe even a manufacturing glitch; mis-installation by the mechanic (but this never happens, right?); a ‘will-fit’ that doesn’t quite fit; or it’s the wrong part altogether and doesn’t fit at all into the housing (but mechanics would never try this, would they?)

All of these things happen more often than any of us like to think. We determined many years ago that a really good way to provide additional protection for large engines operating in heavy dust conditions was to always offer and for you to always use a safety filter.

There are some characteristics about the safety filter which you should be aware of, so you understand what it does and doesn’t do for your engine:

  • is smaller than the main filter, with less media.
  • is more open and less efficient for lower restriction.
  • has less contaminant-holding capacity so that it will plug rapidly if any engine-damaging dust particles get past a damaged primary filter.

A safety filter offers protection against mistakes when fitting and reduces the need to open the clean air side of the system by 66% (they usually only need changing once every three main filter changes) compared to systems without a safety filter. They are an excellent insurance against contaminants entering your engine and upon a critical failure of the main element can save your engine from serious damage.

WAM Filters available from Sterling Filtration Ltd.

The Filter Guys

WAM dust filters are now available from Sterling Filtration Ltd. WAM are a global group offering air and dust filtration systems for many applications including most silo operations. They operate in extremely dusty environments and offer superb filtration for many different applications. They manufacture high quality products for customer designed, bespoke solutions We can offer competitively priced, quickly sourced WAM original filters, what ever your current requirements may be.

If you require WAM filter replacement elements please give us a call today.

Threaded Compressed Air Filters

The Filter Guys

Sterling Filtration offers a comprehensive range of threaded Compressed Air Filters with 19 models offering connections from ¼” to 3” and capacities up to 2550 Nm3/h (1500SCFM)

Optimised modular housing design ensures high performance, ease of installation and multiple close coupling. Manufactured in cast aluminium alloy with Walker E-coat protection for a robust and corrosion resistant product.

Custom engineered media for optimised performance & efficiency

Oleophobic borosilicate media and a custom engineered anti re-entrainment layer guarantees exceptional dirt holding and drainage. Unique material construction minimises pressure drop and improves energy efficiency.

Self centralising, drop-fit, ant-vibration, colour coded elements

A unique endcap design which engages with the bowl, prevents vibration, improves stability and assists drainage. Colour coded elements make grade identification swift and simple.

Intelligent, unique, modular filter housing design

  • Filter elements are available in 25, 5, 1, 0.1 and 0.01 micron.
  • Pop up indicators are fitted as standard to some designs.
  • Differential pressure indicators are fitted to some designs.
  • Activated carbon filters must not operate in oil saturated conditions and will not remove certain types of gases including carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
  • Filter elements should be changed every 12 months or 8000 hours, whichever comes first.

Goods and services that we offer.

The Filter Guys

Goods and services that we offer

Sterling Filtration offers a total filtration service whatever your requirements. We offer competitive prices and ongoing support to help you maintain your equipment and machinery. Engine filters for industrial and heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy plant, power generators, construction equipment, mining equipment, large trucks and transporters.

  • Oil Filters (Cartridges, spin on canisters)
  • Air Filters
  • Fuel Filters (Cartridge, spin on canisters, inline)
  • Coolant Filters
  • Fuel-Water Separators
  • Fuel housings

Also we can offer hydraulic filters and housings:

  • Tank top breathers,
  • Suction filters,
  • Pressure filters inline,
  • Return line in line
  • Tank top return filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Testing,
  • Pressure differential Indicators,
  • Level gauges.

We can also offer:

  • Air intake housings including filter elements,
  • Raincaps & air pre-cleaners,
  • Air intake ducting, plastic seals/clamps/mounting bands/elbows (standard and reducing)
  • Exhaust silencers (standard and bespoke)
  • Metal exhaust pipe work/seals/clamps and mounting bands/elbows (standard and reducing)
  • Rubber charge hoses
  • Cardboard air panels
  • Metal panel filters
  • Filter bags
  • Various Filter media (cut to size or in rolls)
  • Basket strainers
  • Oil wetted air cleaners
  • Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Draper tools – filter wrenches & straps, socket sets.
  • Water housings and String Wound Cartridges.
  • A constantly updated cross referencing service.

Donaldson Powercore (TM) Element

The Filter Guys

Donaldson Powercore ™ offers much more filtration in a smaller housing unit allowing system optimisation at affordable prices. Elements are metal free in their construction making them lightweight and the compact nature can free up space in your work area or engine. Donaldson Powercore elements are non-metal and can be incinerated and are environmentally friendly. They are available from Sterling Filtration Ltd.

Powercore™ Standard Product Line

P608533 P600975 PSD08 0026 VERTICAL
P608533 P600975 PSD08 0020 HORIZONTAL
P608665 P606121 PSD09 0019 VERTICAL (SHORT)
P608665 P606121 PSD09 0020 HORIZONTAL (SHORT)
P608675 P606121 PSD09 0021 VERTICAL (LONG)
P608675 P606121 PSD09 0022 HORIZONTAL (LONG)
P608666 P601560 PSD10 0029 VERTICAL (SHORT)
P608666 P601560 PSD10 0030 HORIZONTAL (SHORT)
P608676 P601560 PSD10 0031 VERTICAL (LONG)
P608676 P601560 PSD10 0032 HORIZONTAL (LONG)
P608667 P607557 PSD12 0035 VERTICAL (SHORT)
P608667 P607557 PSD12 0036 HORIZONTAL (SHORT)
P608677 P607557 PSD12 0037 VERTICAL (LONG)
P608677 P607557 PSD12 0038 HORIZONTAL (LONG)

Also available are consumable items such as access covers, U-Clip mountings, Vacuator™ valves, adapters & check valves.

Light Commercial Vehicles.

The Filter Guys

Many businesses wouldn’t be able to operate successfully if they hadn’t got a well maintained commercial vehicle or fleet of vehicles. In the UK the bulk of the volume of traffic on our roads, day and night, is made up of light commercial vehicles and large haulage trucks. The motorways of the UK act like arteries allowing the transportation of everything from food and clothes to medicines and luxury items. If these vehicles are not kept in tip-top condition they can be hit by break downs, effecting deliveries and business, and causing tailbacks for everyone else.

Sterling Filtration, despite not being a motor factor, can offer air, oil and fuel filters for most light commercial vehicles. We aren’t large stockist of these parts but can often get what you need in a day or two, and at an extremely affordable price. You may find a cost saving in using aftermarket filters over going to the OEM and often the OE filter is manufactured by one of our supplier partners so what you are getting is exactly the same.

We hold listings for vehicles including: Citroen (C15, C25, Berlingo, Dispatch, Jumper, Nemo, Relay), Ford (Transit, Transit Connect, Tourneo, Tourneo Connect, Ranger, P100, Fiesta, Escort, Courier), Mercedes (Sprinter, Vaneo, Viano, Vario, Vito), Land Rover (Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Ranger Rover), Peugeot (Bipper, Bopper, Expert, Partner), Renault (Clio van, Extra, Kangoo, Master, Trafic), Suzuki (ST80, ST90, X90, Super Carry), Toyota (Corolla, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Land Cruiser, Lite Ace, Previa, Space Cruiser) and Volkswagen (Caddy, Caravelle, Crafter, LT Series, Polo, Taro, Transporter).

These are amongst the most commonly used light commercial vehicles in the UK. But if you don’t see your vehicle listed here, please give us a call, we may still be able to help and can usually spec up a filter by sample or OEM part number.

Engine Filters.

The Filter Guys

The range of engines in operation in the UK is vast and they all require engine and hydraulic filter elements. Our range of aftermarket filters covers a huge range of these applications including filters for: Briggs & Stratton, Case, Cat, Cummins, DAF, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Fiat, Ford, Hatz, Honda, Isuzu, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Lister Petter, Lombardini, MAN, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perking, Ruggerini, Scania, Volvo, Yanmar and many more.

Regular, scheduled maintenance of your engine and hydraulic circuit filters can avoid breakdowns and lengthy downtime of your machine. Holding a set of filters in stock can also reduce the amount of time that your machine is down when the lead time for replacement filters is more than a few days.

At Sterling Filtration we endeavour to hold as much stock for as many machines as possible. If you have an urgent filter requirement, a breakdown to repair or are just looking for competitively priced filters for stock please give us a call today.

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