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In-line Fuel Filters – October Special Offer

The Filter Guys

For October we are practically giving away In-line Fuel Filters. Our general purpose paper in line filter, GF2018D, that comes with 6mm/8mm ports are just 85p each.

Why not take advantage of this offer and drop in to see us and grab them. This offer will end on Halloween. Avoid any horror and fill your in line fuel filter stocks up today!!

Covid-19 precautions are in place at our trade counter but we are allowing customers in, one at a time, to see us as long as you are wearing a face covering and you observe social distancing rules. Hand sanitiser is freely available.

In-line Fuel Filters – October Special Offer

The Filter Guys

For October we are practically giving away In-line Fuel Filters. Our general purpose paper in line filter, GF12, that comes with 6mm/8mm ports are just 75p each.

Why not take advantage of this offer and drop in to see us and grab them. This offer will end on Halloween. Avoid any horror and fill your in line fuel filter stocks up today!!

Covid-19 precautions are in place at our trade counter but we are allowing customers in, one at a time, to see us as long as you are wearing a face covering and you observe social distancing rules. Hand sanitiser is freely available.


Fuel Filter Problems in Cold Weather

The Filter Guys

Encountering poor quality or unconditioned fuel is inevitable, so some precautions should be made when operating in cold weather. Depending on the severity of winter operating conditions, many operators may choose to protect their equipment through the use of fuel additives, fuel heaters, and fuel water separators.

I use a good cold flow improver, so why do I continue to have so many problems in the winter?

Cold flow improvers, by design, stop small diesel fuel crystals from growing into large diesel fuel crystals (also known as gelling). This in turn lowers the temperature at which the diesel can still flow and be used in the fuel system. With today’s HPCR engines, filters are becoming more efficient, and the smaller diesel crystals that used to pass through filters now get trapped just as particulates do. This can cause premature plugging of the filter and decreased life. Most fuel related winter problems can be avoided using a #1 diesel or a winterized diesel blend.

Engine Power Loss

Diesel engine power loss during winter operation is a common occurrence. Unless there is a component failure within the engine, the problem can usually be traced back to paraffin crystal formation in the fuel which restricts the flow through fuel filters. Freezing temperatures can also cause emulsified water to form a fuel/ice slush, further restricting filters. Often, fuel filters are blamed for the problem when, in fact, the problem is caused by the effect of cold weather on grade #2 diesel fuel.

Cloud Point

The Cloud Point is the temperature at which paraffin or wax, which is naturally present in diesel fuel, begin to form cloudy wax crystals. When the fuel temperature reaches the cloud point, wax crystals flowing with the fuel coat the filter and quickly reduce the fuel flow, starving the engine. Typical cloud point temperatures range from -18°F (-28°C) to +20°F (-7°C), but may occasionally be as high as +40°F (4.4°C). Grade #1 diesel fuel (or kerosene) contains very little paraffin, and therefore has a cloud point near -40°F (-40°C).


Diesel Fuel & the Cold Weather.

The Filter Guys

Diesel Fuel & the Cold Weather.

Diesel is the most commonly used fuel in heavy duty applications and requires filtering to ensure that any contaminants have been removed before they can cause stoppages, or serious damage resulting in complete failure, to the diesel system components. In-line fuel elements can stop the larger, damaging contaminants such as rust and sediment from the fuel tank entering the fuel system.

Diesel filters are important as they have to protect the fuel pump and injectors not only from abrasive particles but also from minute droplets of water often found in diesel fuel. Injectors and diesel pumps are precision machined components and are very costly to repair or replace. It is much more cost effective to change the filters at their regular service intervals rather than have to pay the cost of even one breakdown repair bill.

You also have to remember that at this time of year water in your fuel (or in any of your machines liquids) can freeze causing damage, blockages and downtime for your engine or machine so its important to maintain water separation from diesel to prevent avoidable issues when the weather is sub zero.

Sterling Filtration offers a range of replacement fuel filter elements and spin on canisters. We can also offer various fuel housings for particulate and water removal and fuel additive for maintenance of your fuel system.

Fuel Filter Maintenance – Know Your Basics.

Best practices for fuel maintenance intervals.

  • Drain water from your primary filter daily when refuelling.
  • Carry a spare set of fuel filters in case you receive a bad load of fuel.
  • Never switch to more open filters to get longer filter life – this will reduce fuel pump and injector life.
  • If using biodiesel, make certain your fuel supplier meets current fuel standards.
  • Ensure that your engine is compatible with the concentration (or percent) biodiesel you wish to use.
  • When using your own fuel tank, remember that removing contaminants before they reach the vehicle is the best. Therefore, it is best to use some type of bulk filtration or filtering funnel (also available from Sterling Filtration Ltd).

Pre-line Fuel Filtration Housing.

The Filter Guys

Today, diesel vehicles are fitted with the latest high performance fuel injection systems. As a result, fuel filtration must meet far more demanding requirements. Pre-Line is a universal and practical pre-filter system, based on the spin-on filter concept, which provides an ideal, cost-saving retrofit solution.

Features and advantages

  • Use with diesel fuel DIN ISO 590 (5% FAME), DIN 51 628 (7% FAME)
  • Up to 600 l/h volume flow rate
  • Use of multigrade high performance media
  • 93% water separation
  • Modular system with excellent flexibility
  • Easy to service
  • Integrated, effective and easy to handle hand pump with 45 degree position to drain off water and for priming during service
  • Integrated water collector
  • Parallel operation possible with a number of systems

These filter housings from Mann Filter are available from Sterling Filtration Ltd.


Goods and services that we offer.

The Filter Guys

Goods and services that we offer

Sterling Filtration offers a total filtration service whatever your requirements. We offer competitive prices and ongoing support to help you maintain your equipment and machinery. Engine filters for industrial and heavy machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy plant, power generators, construction equipment, mining equipment, large trucks and transporters.

  • Oil Filters (Cartridges, spin on canisters)
  • Air Filters
  • Fuel Filters (Cartridge, spin on canisters, inline)
  • Coolant Filters
  • Fuel-Water Separators
  • Fuel housings

Also we can offer hydraulic filters and housings:

  • Tank top breathers,
  • Suction filters,
  • Pressure filters inline,
  • Return line in line
  • Tank top return filters
  • Hydraulic Oil Testing,
  • Pressure differential Indicators,
  • Level gauges.

We can also offer:

  • Air intake housings including filter elements,
  • Raincaps & air pre-cleaners,
  • Air intake ducting, plastic seals/clamps/mounting bands/elbows (standard and reducing)
  • Exhaust silencers (standard and bespoke)
  • Metal exhaust pipe work/seals/clamps and mounting bands/elbows (standard and reducing)
  • Rubber charge hoses
  • Cardboard air panels
  • Metal panel filters
  • Filter bags
  • Various Filter media (cut to size or in rolls)
  • Basket strainers
  • Oil wetted air cleaners
  • Diesel Fuel Additive
  • Draper tools – filter wrenches & straps, socket sets.
  • Water housings and String Wound Cartridges.
  • A constantly updated cross referencing service.

Micron Rating. What are they and why is it important?

The Filter Guys

What is a Micron?

A micron is a measurement of size. It is one millionth of a metre (1/1000000m) or a thousandth of a millimetre (1/1000mm). In filtration, a micron rating is a rating of the media’s capacity to stop dirt (it is not an efficiency rating). The micron rating will be nominal or absolute.

A nominal micron rating means that a media may be explained as 10 micron but that is a mean average, it probably varies between 5 and 15 micron over the surface of the media itself; this often applies to cellulose media which is a natural product. Engine oil and fuel filters are often nominally rated.

An absolute micron rating means that the media has a uniformed surface and will ‘do what it says on the tin.’ A 10 micron absolute filter will not allow particles of 10.1 micron or bigger through at all. Absolute filters are man made products, such as glass fibre, and are manufactured to an extremely high specification. Hydraulic filters are often absolute rated (but not necessarily for all hydraulic applications).

Why is it important?

In filtration the micron rating of the element is very important to guarantee its correct operation. The wrong type of media can mean more dirt gets through the filter than you want and this can cause wear and tear and even complete breakdowns of your engines and hydraulic equipment.

Take a lubrication system on your engine. Oil is pumped between the moving parts of the engine, this oil contains particles, if the oil isn’t filtered before being sent into the engine then wear and tear will occur. The space between moving parts may only be 30 or 40 microns. If oil contains particles of that size then dirt is going to jam and consequently build up between moving parts. Over many hours (or years) of operation with inadequate filtration this build up of dirt will cause the moving parts to jam which will cause catastrophic failure of an engine leading to expensive downtime and repair costs.

Of course, over time filters will clog with dirt too but they are easily sourced from Sterling Filtration Ltd and replaced. They hold the damaging particles so the engine doesn’t have to. A filter may cost ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred pounds and sometimes even more, but compared to the cost of downtime of a machine and the stripping and rebuilding of an engine they are easily the most cost effective way of keeping your engines and machinery running properly all of the time. See your operators manual for service intervals.

Replacement Filters for Stanadyne Fuel Manager FM100 Fuel Systems

The Filter Guys

Donaldsons fuel product line offers you complete coverage of all Stanadyne Fuel Managers with fewer part numbers. This means you can cover hundreds of applications without having to expand your inventory of filters. The table below explains what filters you need to be ready for any Stanadyne fuel filter requirement. Now 17 Donaldson filters cover over 500 vehicle applications.

Standard Flow
Micron Rating 3.7″ (94mm) 4.4″ (113mm) 6.1″ (155mm)
2u P551421 P551422
5U P551423 P551424 P551425
30U P551426 P551427 P551428
150U P551429 P551430 P551431
Reverse Flow
Micron Rating 3.7″ (94mm) 4.4″ (113mm) 6.1″ (155mm)
5u P551432 P551433
30u P551434 P551435
150u P551436 P551437

Features, Functions & Benefits:

  • Fully compatible with OEM accessories, such as water collection bowls, drain valves and water in fuel sensors.
  • Save shelf space – consolidate part numbers stocked with complete application coverage.
  • Single part number fits up to 20 different applications, including both the current and previous fuel system designs.
  • Filters are versatile, no keys necessary for installation; universal interface allows one part to fit multiple applications.
  • Domed can provides reliable strength.
  • Only one threaded port in the housing.
  • Integrated hose barb – allows attaching a hose to drain water to a container.

Donaldsons Fuel Manager filter canisters are stocked items at Sterling Filtration. We can supply over our trade counter, deliver locally or ship nationwide at competitive prices. For more information please give us a call on 01902 491118.

Light Commercial Vehicles.

The Filter Guys

Many businesses wouldn’t be able to operate successfully if they hadn’t got a well maintained commercial vehicle or fleet of vehicles. In the UK the bulk of the volume of traffic on our roads, day and night, is made up of light commercial vehicles and large haulage trucks. The motorways of the UK act like arteries allowing the transportation of everything from food and clothes to medicines and luxury items. If these vehicles are not kept in tip-top condition they can be hit by break downs, effecting deliveries and business, and causing tailbacks for everyone else.

Sterling Filtration, despite not being a motor factor, can offer air, oil and fuel filters for most light commercial vehicles. We aren’t large stockist of these parts but can often get what you need in a day or two, and at an extremely affordable price. You may find a cost saving in using aftermarket filters over going to the OEM and often the OE filter is manufactured by one of our supplier partners so what you are getting is exactly the same.

We hold listings for vehicles including: Citroen (C15, C25, Berlingo, Dispatch, Jumper, Nemo, Relay), Ford (Transit, Transit Connect, Tourneo, Tourneo Connect, Ranger, P100, Fiesta, Escort, Courier), Mercedes (Sprinter, Vaneo, Viano, Vario, Vito), Land Rover (Defender, Discovery, Freelander, Ranger Rover), Peugeot (Bipper, Bopper, Expert, Partner), Renault (Clio van, Extra, Kangoo, Master, Trafic), Suzuki (ST80, ST90, X90, Super Carry), Toyota (Corolla, Hi-Ace, Hi-Lux, Land Cruiser, Lite Ace, Previa, Space Cruiser) and Volkswagen (Caddy, Caravelle, Crafter, LT Series, Polo, Taro, Transporter).

These are amongst the most commonly used light commercial vehicles in the UK. But if you don’t see your vehicle listed here, please give us a call, we may still be able to help and can usually spec up a filter by sample or OEM part number.

Engine Filters.

The Filter Guys

The range of engines in operation in the UK is vast and they all require engine and hydraulic filter elements. Our range of aftermarket filters covers a huge range of these applications including filters for: Briggs & Stratton, Case, Cat, Cummins, DAF, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Fiat, Ford, Hatz, Honda, Isuzu, John Deere, Komatsu, Kubota, Lister Petter, Lombardini, MAN, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perking, Ruggerini, Scania, Volvo, Yanmar and many more.

Regular, scheduled maintenance of your engine and hydraulic circuit filters can avoid breakdowns and lengthy downtime of your machine. Holding a set of filters in stock can also reduce the amount of time that your machine is down when the lead time for replacement filters is more than a few days.

At Sterling Filtration we endeavour to hold as much stock for as many machines as possible. If you have an urgent filter requirement, a breakdown to repair or are just looking for competitively priced filters for stock please give us a call today.

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