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Pre-line Fuel Filtration Housing.

The Filter Guys

Today, diesel vehicles are fitted with the latest high performance fuel injection systems. As a result, fuel filtration must meet far more demanding requirements. Pre-Line is a universal and practical pre-filter system, based on the spin-on filter concept, which provides an ideal, cost-saving retrofit solution.

Features and advantages

  • Use with diesel fuel DIN ISO 590 (5% FAME), DIN 51 628 (7% FAME)
  • Up to 600 l/h volume flow rate
  • Use of multigrade high performance media
  • 93% water separation
  • Modular system with excellent flexibility
  • Easy to service
  • Integrated, effective and easy to handle hand pump with 45 degree position to drain off water and for priming during service
  • Integrated water collector
  • Parallel operation possible with a number of systems

These filter housings from Mann Filter are available from Sterling Filtration Ltd.


Mann & Hummel Centrifuges/Oil Filters

The Filter Guys

MANN+HUMMEL centrifuges clean oil by generating centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. It is this force that separates solid contaminant from the oil. This technology has been proven to remove contaminant down to a sub-micron size, which is advantageous to both engine producers and users.

The Benefits:

• Cleaner oil

• Extension of oil life

• Lengthens service intervals

• Reduces engine wear

• Enhances long-term preventative maintenance

• Reduces maintenance costs

• Cuts waste disposal costs

• Reduces application down time

• Maximises in-service time for vehicle/engines/machine

MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaners are internationally recognised in providing superior bypass filtration for the removal of contaminant from the lubricating oil of Diesel engines. The technology can also be successfully used for gearboxes, hydraulics and other industrial fluids.

MANN+HUMMEL provide its centrifuge technology to the following market sectors:

• Trucks

• Buses

• Marine

• Power Generation

• Mining Machinery

• Locomotives

• Construction

• Agriculture

• Military

• Industrial Fluids

• Reduces total cost of ownership

• Helps ensure clean combustion and fuel efficiency

• Supports engine technology for the reduction of exhaust emissions (e.g. exhaust gas recirculation)

• Fast return on investment

Full flow filters are designed to process all the oil used to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. However, the need to maintain a high flow and limit pressure drop across the filtration media restricts the ability to filter out sub-micron particles. This job is taken over by the centrifugal oil cleaner in the bypass. The MANN+HUMMEL centrifugal oil cleaner processes approximately 10 % of the oil flow provided by the engine pump before returning it directly to the engine sump. The removal of particles by centrifugal force is based on their relative density and therefore there is no restriction on contaminant size.

If you require more information or a competitive quote on these items please call Sterling Filtration Ltd on 01902 491118.

Vacuum Pump Filters

The Filter Guys

Air filters are an important part of any vacuum pump filters system. They prevent dirt from being sucked into the vacuum pump, and help avoid unnecessary wear. They offer minimum pressure losses and guarantee energy efficiency and long service life and can ensure your vacuum pump continues to operate at optimum performance levels.

The airtight vacuum air cleaners available at Sterling Filtration Ltd are designed for installation in air and gas pipes. They are airtight up to 1000 mbar negative pressure and equipped with a filter element. They are also used as intake filters in vacuum pumps.

Complete vacuum housings and replacement elements are available at Sterling Filtration Ltd. Tel: 01902 491118.

Mann Filter Air Dryers.

The Filter Guys

Brakes are amongst the most important components of a vehicle. Pneumatic braking systems on trucks and buses must be protected from corrosion to ensure efficient operation. To achieve this, a dry, clean pneumatic operating system is critically important. The MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge provides the optimum solution by guaranteeing the best possible protection for braking systems. Advantages of the MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge:

  • Highest possible resistance to pressure and pulsation
  • Strength and rigidity to counteract vibration
  • Premium quality desiccant provides optimum air drying performance
  • Efficient oil and water separation and retention
  • Integrity of sealing materials assured
  • Superior corrosion protection

Air dryer cartridges with an integrated coalescence filter retain particles, dry the air in the compressed-air brake system and most effectively separate fine oil droplets. The coalescence effect combines oil droplets (aerosols) which can damage the system components into larger droplets, thus ensuring reliable system protection. MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridges contain an extremely high quality drying agent demonstrating high water resistance and mechanical stability.


  • As well as the benefits of the standard version, the air dryer cartridge with integrated coalescence filter also provides:
  • improved protection for the compressed air and brake system of commercial vehicles
  • longer service life of the system components, for example pressure regulating equipment and seals
  • lower service costs and shorter downtime
  • easy to retrofit to replace standard air dryer cartridges

The MANN-FILTER range of air brake dryers is available at Sterling Filtration Ltd.