Maximising the life of a new air/oil separator.

The Filter Guys

Some uses of compressed air are by their very nature taxing on a compressor and its engine such as sand blasting work because of the continuously changing but generally high air demands and because of the aggressive/dusty environment. In order to maximise the life of a new air/oil separator it is sensible to reflect on the following:

  • A compressor oil filter generally uses paper media capable of stopping particles 5 micron and greater in size (whereas a normal diesel engine oil filter, which may be of comparable size and identical fittings, is rated 22 micron and greater). Consequently a compressor oil filter is comparatively more expensive but for the protection it provides is should not be compromised either in specification or in maintenance change period frequency
  • The media used in an air/oil separator will stop dirt particles down to ½ micron and greater and so it can quickly be “blinded” if the compressor oil is dirty or particularly if the wrong grade of compressor oil filter is fitted
  • If dirty oil can quickly “blind” large areas of the media of the air/oil separator the velocity of the air passing through the remaining, still “open” areas has to travel that much faster. This defeats the ability of the media to cause the coalescing of the minute droplets entrained in the compressed air and significant amounts of oil can pass through and into the “work area”
  • To give any new air/oil separator a fair chance to perform satisfactorily and for the maximum effective working life it is essential to;

A. drain, flush and fit new compressor oil

B. replace the compressor oil filter making certain the correct type is used

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