Simple and Effective Ways To Reduce Water and Dirt Particles In Your Fuel.

The Filter Guys

Simple and Effective Ways To Reduce Water and Dirt Particles In Your Fuel. With modern engines being so delicate it is important that any fuel that is introduced to them is of the cleanest possible standard. The problem is standing tanks of fuel are hard to maintain, it is practically unavoidable to keep dirt and water out and often this leads to microbial growth, corrosive acids forming, electrolysis and rust. Below are some simple and effective measures you can take to improve the quality of the fuel that you put into your engines.


The filter funnels we source are heavy duty, anti-static and fast flowing. They include in-filter technology which, when fuel is poured into it, water and debris cannot pass. This is because of the construction. The element is a fluoropolymer-coated stainless steel filter. This means that only clean fuel is allowed to pass through the membrane into your fuel tank, improving its quality and efficiency when combusted. The funnel can be used with petrol, diesel, heating oil, kerosene and 2-cycle mixed petrol.


As well as protecting your engine, as the name suggests, this additive also improves engine performance. It achieves this by maintaining that the pumps and injectors are clean which reduces wear and tear and helps restore lubricity. Also the cetane improver in the formula results in easier starting, less smoke and more complete combustion of fuel. The net result is more horsepower, torque and miles per gallon. Together all of these factors can lead to cost savings to you as you avoid repairs and extend maintenance intervals. The formula also helps prevent gelling and waxing during the cold weather.


Microbes and bacteria live in your fuel, especially these days where some modern fuels contain a percentage of bio-diesel. These infections can cause filters to clog and can form sludge and other biomass in your tanks or within the fuel system of your engine. The sludge and biomass can also lead to your tank pitting and cause the engine to stall during operation or fail to start at all. Wasp Biokem is an effective agent that kills live bacteria in fuel and fuel tanks. It can also be used to pre-treat surfaces.


The B10AL-BSP fuel housing is used in the line between the fuel storage tank and the dispensing nozzle. It removes particles down to 10 micron and can also be fitted with an element that removed particles and water. It allows 25 gallons per minute of flow from gravity. It is an ideal way to reduce particles and water being added to your engines. When used in conjunction with the filter funnel, performance formula and biocide these affordable solutions can help keep your engines clean, healthy and running. They’ll start first time, every time.