Why should you filter your oil?

The Filter Guys

Why should you filter your oil? Often it is easy for engineers or fitters to overlook the importance of filtering the lube oil that is running through their engines or hydraulic systems. Ignoring this simple but critical issue can lead to expensive breakdowns and can even right off engines or rams. Effective application of filter elements is not only sensible but it can save you thousands of pounds over the life time of a machine or engine. Oils have to be maintained at the necessary level of cleanliness to prevent wear and tear and to return harmful particulates to the sump removing them from harms way within the engine. Regular maintenance of your oil filters provides continuous purification of your oil as well as removing the trapped particles from the system completely (upon removal of a clogged filter element).

Strainers in tanks or on scavenge hoses help avoid large debris and sediment being removed from standing tanks of oil and are easily fitted. Systems are easily modified to take advantage of the benefits a simple strainer can offer at the beginning of your lube/hydraulic oil circuit. Filter housings with take apart elements or spin on canisters can also be put into suction (between the tank and the pump) to protect the pump and can also be put into the pressure line (to help protect the engine, if lubricating oil, or protect a hydraulic ram) and are also often used in the return line (to collect any debris that may have collected from the operation of the engine or ram).

Clean oil protects your lubricating and hydraulic system from wear and breakdowns and your oil is only maintained by proper servicing and monitoring of your filtration systems. It is good practise to have a detailed maintenance schedule for all of your engines and machines.