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TB1394 – Air Brake Dryer.

The Filter Guys

We are currently offering a one time special offer for fifteen units of the air brake dryer TB1394 at the knockdown price of £30.00 per unit.

This filter is the equivalent to:

  • Baldwin – BA5566
  • Donaldson – P951415
  • Knorr Bremse – K005686
  • Knorr Bremse – K014712
  • Knorr Bremse – K039453
  • Mahle – AL26
  • Mann Filter – TB1394/5
  • Renault – 5001865404
  • Renault – 7421267793
  • Schupp – ST1393
  • Volvo – 20754416
  • Volvo – 21267818
  • Wabco – 4329012452

Call now and save yourself a small fortune on your air brake dryer requirements.

This offer is a first-come first-served, whilst stocks lasts, limited offer. So don’t delay, call Sterling Filtration, today.

– 10th March 2017.

Pre-line Fuel Filtration Housing.

The Filter Guys

Today, diesel vehicles are fitted with the latest high performance fuel injection systems. As a result, fuel filtration must meet far more demanding requirements. Pre-Line is a universal and practical pre-filter system, based on the spin-on filter concept, which provides an ideal, cost-saving retrofit solution.

Features and advantages

  • Use with diesel fuel DIN ISO 590 (5% FAME), DIN 51 628 (7% FAME)
  • Up to 600 l/h volume flow rate
  • Use of multigrade high performance media
  • 93% water separation
  • Modular system with excellent flexibility
  • Easy to service
  • Integrated, effective and easy to handle hand pump with 45 degree position to drain off water and for priming during service
  • Integrated water collector
  • Parallel operation possible with a number of systems

These filter housings from Mann Filter are available from Sterling Filtration Ltd.


Draper Tools are available through us.

The Filter Guys

People often are unaware of the additional goods and services that we can offer. As a filtration company people don’t realise we offer extra services such as Draper Tools.

So with the weather on the up maybe it’s time to look at those garden improvements that you’ve been dreaming about all winter and spring. Shovels, rakes, lawn edgers, hoes, leaf collectors and everything else you may need to get your green fingers working are available through us.

Draper weed matting is an affordable and simple way to keep away unwanted growth so that the plants you want to grow can thrive.

Draper loppers and hand trimmers are a must to help you maintain those out of control overgrown bushes, so go on give your bush a trim this summer.

And for later in the year you’ll need a Draper leaf blower to help you clear away the autumn blues.

And when you’ve finished working hard you’ll need to put your feet up with a burger and a beer; but at the end of the summer don’t forget to get a Draper barbecue cover to keep things in tip top condition so you can do it all again next year.

Affordable Portable Filtration Solutions.

The Filter Guys



The HF 10 is a portable filtration unit used in the transfer of hydraulic and lubricating oil.

It is very simple and easy to use. It’s powered by a small but powerful electric pump and comes equipped with an overload by-pass safety system. It can be used with various different elements for various levels of filtration. There is also the option of a pressure differential gauge so you know when the filter element requires servicing. The unit offers a second to none filtration quality that captures many dirt particles including copper, steel and sand. It comes mounted on a buggy and supplied with suction and return pipes.


Flow rate: 20-25l/min

Power: 750 watts

Power supply: 230 V – 4.6 Amp. – 50 Hz

Operating temperatures: -10 degrees C to +40 degrees C

Fluids not permitted: Diesel/Petrol, Water, Liquid food products, solvents.

Dimensions: 400 x 660 x 310

Elements: 3, 6, 10, 25 micron glass fibre. 10, 25 micron cellulose. 60, 90 micron wire mesh. 10, 25 micron water absorber.

Maximising the life of a new air/oil separator.

The Filter Guys

Some uses of compressed air are by their very nature taxing on a compressor and its engine such as sand blasting work because of the continuously changing but generally high air demands and because of the aggressive/dusty environment. In order to maximise the life of a new air/oil separator it is sensible to reflect on the following:

  • A compressor oil filter generally uses paper media capable of stopping particles 5 micron and greater in size (whereas a normal diesel engine oil filter, which may be of comparable size and identical fittings, is rated 22 micron and greater). Consequently a compressor oil filter is comparatively more expensive but for the protection it provides is should not be compromised either in specification or in maintenance change period frequency
  • The media used in an air/oil separator will stop dirt particles down to ½ micron and greater and so it can quickly be “blinded” if the compressor oil is dirty or particularly if the wrong grade of compressor oil filter is fitted
  • If dirty oil can quickly “blind” large areas of the media of the air/oil separator the velocity of the air passing through the remaining, still “open” areas has to travel that much faster. This defeats the ability of the media to cause the coalescing of the minute droplets entrained in the compressed air and significant amounts of oil can pass through and into the “work area”
  • To give any new air/oil separator a fair chance to perform satisfactorily and for the maximum effective working life it is essential to;

A. drain, flush and fit new compressor oil

B. replace the compressor oil filter making certain the correct type is used

If you have any more questions about air/oil separators, your compressor oil and replacement filters please call us on 01902 49118 for helpful advice and competitive prices.

Spectrum Filtration and Water Treatment.

The Filter Guys

Sterling Filtration can now offer the entire range of Spectrum™ Filtration Water treatment filtration elements and pressure vessels.

Spectrum Carbon Wrap filters offer a powder activated carbon, impregnated into a cellulose fibre media means this two stage carbon acts as an effective and economical sediment, taste, odour and chlorine reduction filter.

Features & Information:

  • Capable of removing sediment and other fine particles throughout its media
  • This dual capability cartridge also works to reduce odours, remove water discolouration and volatile organic compounds
  • Combines the advantages of both a high dirt-loading depth cartridge with the adsorption capabilities of powder activated carbon
  • Carbon impregnated sheet wrapped around a polypropylene core, supported by an outer layer of polyethylene netting and EPDM gaskets
  • Available in large diameter 9 ¾” and 20” lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency
  • Applications/Industries: Pre RO water treatment, drinking water, photographic, chlorine and VOC reduction

Spectrum Carbon Block Economic filters uses the latest carbon manufacturing techniques making it the economic choice for a wide range of industrial water applications.

Features & Information:

  • Suited to processes where the life of the carbon is never fully used
  • A carbon cartridge manufactured from acid washed bituminous GAC (granular activated carbon) and extruded into a carbon block format
  • Constructed with an outer polypropylene wrap that protects and extends the life of the carbon block, capturing particles and preventing premature plugging
  • Available in large diameter 9 ¾” and 20” lengths for reduced cartridge changeout frequency.
  • Applications/Industries: Plating solutions, organic removal, batch processes

Mann Filter Air Dryers.

The Filter Guys

Brakes are amongst the most important components of a vehicle. Pneumatic braking systems on trucks and buses must be protected from corrosion to ensure efficient operation. To achieve this, a dry, clean pneumatic operating system is critically important. The MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge provides the optimum solution by guaranteeing the best possible protection for braking systems. Advantages of the MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridge:

  • Highest possible resistance to pressure and pulsation
  • Strength and rigidity to counteract vibration
  • Premium quality desiccant provides optimum air drying performance
  • Efficient oil and water separation and retention
  • Integrity of sealing materials assured
  • Superior corrosion protection

Air dryer cartridges with an integrated coalescence filter retain particles, dry the air in the compressed-air brake system and most effectively separate fine oil droplets. The coalescence effect combines oil droplets (aerosols) which can damage the system components into larger droplets, thus ensuring reliable system protection. MANN-FILTER air dryer cartridges contain an extremely high quality drying agent demonstrating high water resistance and mechanical stability.


  • As well as the benefits of the standard version, the air dryer cartridge with integrated coalescence filter also provides:
  • improved protection for the compressed air and brake system of commercial vehicles
  • longer service life of the system components, for example pressure regulating equipment and seals
  • lower service costs and shorter downtime
  • easy to retrofit to replace standard air dryer cartridges

The MANN-FILTER range of air brake dryers is available at Sterling Filtration Ltd.

Donaldson Lube Filters and Hydraulic Filtration.

The Filter Guys

Spin-on Filters

Donaldson durable lube filters keep your equipment running at its best to let you focus on what’s most important, getting your job done.

Donaldson Endurance Plus Additive Replenishment Technology Filters

These filters are designed for today’s emissions compliant EGR engines, use a controlled chemical release process to replenish the additives in the engine oil and deliver extended drain intervals, often double that of standard filters. These filters are a direct replacement and require no system modifications or special maintenance.

Cartridge-style Filters

Donaldson offers a complete line of cartridge-style lube filters for all makes of equipment.

Continous Product Development

Donaldson has applied its patented radial sealing technology to spin-on style lube filters. The radial seal design provides a consistent, reliable seal, enhanced structural performance and optimum protection.

Storing your filters.

The Filter Guys

Storing your filters. Whether it’s an empty trailer or building or warehouse unit it’s important to practise good storage and handling techniques when it comes to filters. Before installing any filter on a piece of equipment make sure the filter is clean, unused and free of damage.

Filter Storage & Handling Tips

  • Never store a filter on a shelf without it being in a box or totally sealed from outside contaminant.
  • When you see an open box of filters on the shelf close it (you can also seal it with tape) unless the filters inside the box are individually sealed.
  • Handle filters with care to prevent filter damage for example, don’t throw filters into the back of a van and/or allow them to roll around.
  • Metal storage shelves may cause condensation to form on filters if sitting directly on metal. Over time the filter may get rusty. This is another good reason to store filters in boxes.
  • If a product has layers of contaminant, take care that the contaminant doesn’t get on the new filter as you remove it from the box.
  • Practise “first in, first out” with your inventory. When possible, always use the oldest products first.
  • Make sure any labels with product information and manufacturing dates are visible to personnel pulling from the shelves.

Bulk Fuel Filtration Solutions

The Filter Guys

Fuel is transported from the refinery to bulk storage tanks by truck/train. From there it is loaded into another truck and delivered to your site. Once in storage at your site it can either be transferred to smaller tanks or dispensed directly into equipment, each time the fluids are transferred more contamination can be introduced.

You can protect your fluids by installing a quality Donaldson TRAP breather on the storage tank and remove airbourne contaminants and ambient humidity. You can also polish fluids on the outlet of your tank before dispensing into equipment with Donaldson filtration units. Donaldson filter manifolds are available for the inlet and outlet to allow easy fitting of the filter heads and bowls. Manifolds are available that take 4, 8 and 10 filter units.

Sterling Filtration can offer the entire range of Donaldson bulk fuel storage filtration systems whatever your application. Give us a call on 01902 491118 and we’ll make sure we service your filtration needs.

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