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Watch Out for Dents on Liquid Filters.

Watch Out for Dents on Liquid Filters. Cracked filters can be caused by dents made during improper installation. Filters that are dented prior to or during installation should not be used. Filters dented after installation should be replaced immediately. The cost of replacing a dented filter is much less than the cost of the damages that could result from a dented filter that fails during service.

Filter fatigue results from pressure pulses within the system. Pressure is regulated by a pressure regulating valve. This valve is spring operated and intermittently opens and closes to regulate pressure. Once pressure exceeds the setting of the spring in the regulating valve, the valve will open and relief the pressure until the spring can expand and close the valve. This function is continued continuously during operation of the system, creating a pulsing effect. Filter canisters are subjected to the same pulsation. However, unlike the spring in the pressure regulating valve, canister material is susceptible to failure after such fatigue.

Filters are designed with a low carbon steel to resist fatigue and are formed so the stress created by the pulses in the system are equalised over the surface area of the canister. A dent provides an area of stress concentration where pressure pulses can greatly shorten the fatigue life of the canister.

Remember, filters should never be fitted to an engine or hydraulic system if they are dented or damaged in any way.

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